Radio A Nationals Round Up

Final Results

Day 1 Report From Darin Ballington

Day 1 Results for the 2023 MYA Radio A Class Nationals have been posted, but what they don’t tell is if the Southerly breeze that cause PRO Derek Priestley a few headaches.
By the end of the day he was in serious danger of needing a bigger course board.
Zig Zag, Criss Cross, Knit one Pearl one, we’ve had them all today.

Day 2 Report From Dave Kent

Day 2 and overall results for the Radio A Class Centenary National Championships! Difficult day for the RO Derek Priestley, with the promised south westerly only appearing late in the afternoon! Congratulations to Chris Harris for the win, Craig Richards second and James Morland rounding out the top three!
This win makes Chris Harris the Vane A and Radio A Champion in 2023! Not many have achieved this feat, and even more special in the centenary year. Hopefully we can maintain a decent Radio A entry for next years nationals.

Course Report From Craig Richards

An example of one of the courses we had during the A class Nationals.
We had a light oscillating light wind from the S directly across the lake which resulted in reaching starts and the race officer desperately trying to find parts of the lake where we could have short beats in clear air.
I had the bright idea of writing it down on blue tape and sticking it across the top of my transmitter. I happily went around handing out blue tape to other competitors.
I then led the race. Got all the marks right and went round the final mark the wrong way because I did not check the rounding direction. I was just a tad angry at myself. 😢
I came last in the race as a result, but also compromised Chris J Harris position as he followed me around so it did not affect the end results. Chris went on to be the very deserved winner overall.
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