Visitor Information

Welcome to our Club

As a visitor or guest it is necessary to enter your details on a visitor registration card located in a box on the wall to the left of the entrance to the club room. This is to comply with the Club’s insurance policy. The card should then be posted into the black post box alongside the box containing the forms. This is to comply with the privacy requirements contained in the GDPR legislation. Should you need assistance, there is often a member of the committee around but if not please ask any member.

It is necessary for visitors to the club to be made aware of the health and safety requirements and understand that they must comply with them.

Individuals must –

  1. Make sure that when using the facilities at GMYBC they do so in a safe manner and do not affect the health and safety of other club members or members of the public.
  2. Protect themselves and others by fitting eye protection, where appropriate, to the end of their transmitter aerial in accordance with MYA recommendations. 
  3. Obey all health and safety instructions and requests made by a member of the Executive Committee such as the wearing of a buoyancy aid in the club tender.
  4. Notify the Executive Committee of any hazards that they come across, if urgent by email or phone call or by recording in the Shortages, Breakages and Comments Book located on the work top to the left of the front door.
  5. Draw the attention of their visitors to the club’s health and safety requirements.
  6. Report all accidents and safety incidents to the Executive Committee and fill in accident book.
  7. Familiarise themselves with the location of the fire alarm call points, firefighting equipment and escape routes within the club house.

Individuals should –

Offer any advice and suggestions that they think may improve health and safety for club members to the Executive Committee.

You may race as a visitor on up to two separate occasions in any calendar year. After that, if you wish to continue, you will need to become a member. If you are already a member of the MYA, the joining fee is waived. Membership application forms are in a folder on the notice board opposite the post box. Please complete and ensure the signatures of the club members that are proposing or seconding your application are included. Then with your cheque for the total cost either post to the address on the form or hand it to a member of the committee to pass to the Membership Secretary.

If you would like to sail but do not have a boat. That is rarely a problem. There are demonstration boats available (two lasers, a DF65 and a Vane 36). Pre book the boats with the Class Captain (contact emails on notice board) or ask a committee member to help.
There is no additional charge to borrow a boat.

For information about each Model Yacht Class, please click the link below,