Mick Thomas Trophy Results 2019

Mick Thomas Trophy Friday 1st November 2019

This is the annual race held in Vane 36’s in memory of Mick Thomas. Mick was a consummate clubman, who built a lot of the carpentry in the club premises once we’d moved into the new building. He also enjoyed his sailing, for the pleasure of sailing rather than chasing the win! So the winner of the Mick Thomas Trophy is the boat which comes in the middle of the fleet, the fleet all racing together. Scoring is reversed so the winner of each heat has the lowest points. A full round gives every boat the windward start position, in strict rotation.

Friday dawned a grey, grizzly, wet day, the forecast predicting only slightly drier weather by mid- morning, with a solid 10 to 12 mph of SW breeze. Even so, seven 36’s turned out, ranging from Max Buttimer’s 1953 vintage simple ply box boat, to Jacque Cook and Eric Meighen’s ultra-modern heavily foiled carbon Mike Dann special. We also welcomed a rare visit from Roger Cole, sailing his restored early Sybora. Skippers opted for a variety of rigs; Alex Kennaby chose quite a snug rig, whereas Pete Lawley and Jay Britton, Bob and Gill Pearson, and Roger Cole guessed that the light breeze at the start time might stay for the morning and rigged No 1 or even taller sails.

The beats are always impressive, with seven vane boats racing at the same time. There were very few collisions in the first beat, although some incredibly close shaves had the spectators sucking their breath in! The runs saw a few more clinches, but the good humoured fleet was in a mood to enjoy the event.

Top scorers each with 18 points were Jacque and Eric and Bob and Gill’s Diversions…. But, of course, that didn’t win them the trophy! In third place was Roger Coles Sybora, having missed a couple of races with a broken jib boom. In fourth place, and the middle of the fleet with 26 points were Peter and Paul, sailing a Sybora. Well done to them both, and they get to hold the Mick Thomas Trophy for the year. Tying with 35 points each were Alex, and Pete and Jay, and last (partly because his rudder kept unshipping) was Max Buttimer.

A fun mornings sailing was had by all. Congratulations to Peter and Paul and the fleet’s thanks to Julie Lawley for galloping up and down the lake and keeping tabs on which boat should start in which position!


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