All Comers Day Report -2019

‘All-comers’ day, bank holiday Monday 26th August.

More than 20 elegant classic model yachts plus one or two more modern craft graced the lake for a day’s casual sailing and gentle competition, including A’s, 10r’s, Marbleheads, 6M’s and early 36’s. There was also a schooner and a radio controlled rowing boat! The latter rowed by Postman Pat, who used one or two oars to direct his craft! Our president Robert Hobbs brought his superb A boat Jean, plank on frame built by the legendary Alexander. She is varnished, with countless tiny copper nail fastenings. Jean took joint first prize in the Concours D’elegance, tying with the equally renowned A boat Serica 3, whose owners and restorers, Gareth and Elizabeth Jones, had travelled from York to attend.

The warm dry day generated a pleasant breeze, and Serica ventured onto the lake for some gentle sailing in company with Martin Bandey’s A boat Munin. Early A’s are a magnificent sight on the water, and their presence harked back to past club history when fleets of these beautiful yachts competed for the Scrutton Cup in the national Championship. In the A’s competition Munin won the Mars bar, and in the Marbleheads and 6M’s Mervyn’s 6M Whisky took home the chocolate! This was from Max Buttimer’s Marblehead, Yolanda and Anthony Warren’s Marblehead. The Vane 36’s sailed well, but not always in the desired direction!

Other radio boats, including, Wisp, a pretty A boat owned Scott Smart showed their paces. All-in-all an interesting and gentle day’s sailing. Thank you to Jacque, Eileen and Alex for providing cake, which was very well received ensuring no one went hungry! Also to Jacque as officer of the day.


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