DF65’s Series 5 Race 4

Monday 16 Oct – Series 5 Race 4
(Report notes from John Smith)
It was a fairly hairy morning as the breeze strengthened during the morning and some skippers opted to change down to A rig.
We had 15 boats in all, a great turn out. Richard Filer and I set the course accounting for such relatively strong conditions. The wind was varying between ENE and NNE mainly although very shifty and occasionally it almost seemed to desert the middle of the lake. The start line was almost South Bank to No. 3, windward leg to blue (slightly south of No.8 as there was a shadow around 😎, down to the gate which was the start line and meant that you had to think about which side you opted for, through the gate back windward to blue, down through the gate again and finish between red and 6.
Although we had started a few minutes late we got 9 heats in and reduced the last two heats to one lap and finish.
The overall winner was Alan Nash (56) with 3 wins and 2 seconds. Just a point behind in second was Ian Proctor (823) with 2 wins and 2 seconds. A further point back was Wayne Stobbs (42) also with 2 wins and 2 seconds.
Chris Foreman (161) and Chris Durant (91) also had wins.
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