Vane A Centenary Exhibition

Make time to visit

We have been extremely fortunate to receive support from Gosport Borough Council in the form of a community grant. This has enabled us to do more to promote and enhance the centenary. Some of the grant is for the exhibition of the Centenary of the A Class which is now open in the museum. Martin Bandy has spent a lot of time, and kindly allowed some of his famous A Class models to go onto public display in the Gosport museum. Starting 11th July for one month. I gave a hand and let my only Braine A class boat be included. Martin has put in a huge amount of time getting this organised, he has had some really interested banners made, and a Gosport Model Yacht Club lifebuoy.

Here you can see some stunning boats going back to the first days of racing. In fact, there is an earlier boat too. The A class racing in 1923 is the beginning of model yachting as we know it today. It is well worth a visit, and they have a café…… – see the video of the exhibition – Vane A Centenary Exhibition

Location- cross the road pass the Discovery Centre on your left continue to high Street, turn left and the museum is on the corner of the other side of the road in what was a school.

During the week of the championship there will also be a display in the Discovery Centre on the Mezzanine, which is up a couple of flights of stairs. This has been curated by Susanne Lewis and Jim Jakes and will give another take on the Centenary. An A class vane ‘Kit’ will be on display here.

These exhibitions are excellent at promoting the profile of our club. Your support by visiting them will be very much appreciated.

Derek Morland




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