Vane 36’s Warm Up?? before the Nationals at Bourneville

Vane 36s – Saturday 4th March 2023 – By Susanne Lewis

A prime collection of boats – 7 eventually: Thomas, Peter and Paul, Shaun, Roger, Susanne and Eric, David and Allan, and Max.

So, the fab 5 were there and raring to go. Well they were there anyway and mostly ready-ish until David Mathers’ number one rig failed and he had to sail with his number two rig. We then had a couple of late arrivals and we were off!

It was cold. Very cold. And there was no wind. We were promised wind: “A steady 5 knots, gusting 18 knots”. I know why wind is measured in knots – because it was not blowing! Then, when it was blowing, it blew in random directions during the board. I suppose it’s just training us up for the Nationals at Bourneville.

Graham Wyeth on his very efficient scooter, adorned with a model yachting pole, kindly set us off and kept the score.

Jim, this time mainly for reasons of temperature, sat in the clubhouse where he was kindly kept hydrated by Cassie. Maureen was also in the clubhouse along with Archie. Archie always barks at me. I thought that maybe it was time we became friends. I approached him and offered my hand for him to smell. He went rigid and began growling fairly emphatically. I removed my hand. Cassie and I agreed this was probably the wisest option. Archie may be small; his teeth are not!

We started sailing from the anti-vaxer end of the lake 3 out, 2 back. There were no anti-vaxers there; it could be that the vaccine hardens people to the cold, or that it was a Saturday.

The racing went very well all things considered. The 3 radio boats on the small lake seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. Everyone was very helpful and those without mates were helped as necessary. This gave the odd interesting board where Eric was running from boat to boat on the same bank and still executing great re-trims! No pressure! Again, we all refrained from arguing, protesting, fighting, biting or gouging. However, we did whinge about the cold and people who are not organizing something upsetting those that are organizing it to the point that they might quit!

The wind was disappointing, inconsistent and frankly could have done better. People sailed in all directions even impossible ones! I have discovered that you can do one penalty 360° during a beat and still win that beat, but not two!

Shaun had to get the dinghy out to retrieve boats not once, but twice. Once for Thomas and once for Eric and I.

The sailing had been going very smoothly until lunchtime. Somehow, I got it into my head that I had a bye just after lunch. I didn’t. Oops! ☹ That’s how come I shared points with Shaun!

The racing was won decisively by Roger Stollery, who only dropped 5 points. The rest of the results are shown in the table below:

Roger Stollery 25 1st
Shaun Wyeth 19 2nd
Max 16 3rd
Thomas Wyeth 15 4th
Susanne and Eric 13.5 5th
Peter and Paul 10 6th
David and Allan 6.5 7th

Before we left I did offer Jim the chance of some wild swimming; he declined.

So, having suffered within the same race: no wind, randomly changeable wind, boats sailing in opposite directions, 360° penalties (having not actually done anything to deserve them), boats getting stuck in the middle of the lake, boats sailing in impossible directions according to sails and vane setting we are now officially Bourneville ready!

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