Spring Weather Very Welcome

First race of the DF95 Friday Spring Series.

What a glorious day welcomed the 13 skippers for the first race of the DF95 Friday Spring Series.

The sun was shining brightly from a cloudless blue sky raising the air temperature to a point where coats were thrown off, it was warm, really warm, everybody was smiling and all on their best behaviour. A pleasure to be there.

Just a shame the wind didn’t turn up. Well to be fair, it did, then it vanished again, then came back briefly before dying again, etc etc… you get the drift, just like all of the skippers.

To try to help them walk off the calorific effects of traditional Good Friday hot cross buns, a long beat/reach/run, depending on which way the wind decided to go, was set going west up the lake, followed by a long run/reach/beat going the opposite direction, again depending on the mood of the wind.

It was hilarious watching Colin Cooper, who, having arrived first at the windward mark and needed to tack onto port to go round, was being held off rounding the mark by the boats slowly turning down wind against him on starboard, one after the other!  Chris Powels didn’t fare much better and almost had to go round the same mark twice to avoid slowly advancing upwind boats. He didn’t find it that funny but everybody else did.

Dave Donin, back from his exploits up north, did well to win the first 4 races with the rest of the fleet finishing in tight order just behind. We managed 6 races before we ran out of time and finished the morning…….. just as the bloody wind turned up!!!!!!!

Enjoy some photos taken this morning just to make those of you who didn’t turn up envious.



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