Richard’s Reign Starts with a Bang

Welcome to Richard Calas – the new DF95 Class Captain

Richard stepped into his new role at last Friday’s DF95 racing. His email from the previous night to the Class Members set the scene:

Tomorrow is the last race of the DF Friday winter series and it looks like we are going out with a bang.

The forecast for tomorrow is best described as Wet and Wild.

That said, we may be lucky and it might blow through so I am not intending to cancel racing, I am going to leave that up to the various skippers to make up their own minds. 

We have and RO for the morning if we do decide to go, and more importantly it is safe to do so, but I would suggest if you only have an A and B rig you don’t bother to sail but perhaps come and watch the madness of the C’s and D’s unfold.

Warm clothes and waterproofs are the order of the day.

It did not blow through and the five intrepid sailors where met with dark clouds racing across the sky and rain. Most put on D Rigs but Trevor only had a C so sailed with this which gave some interesting results.  Chris Durant arrived to take some pictures but unfortunately even with his new trusty support stick he could not stay still enough to get anything but blurry images!! The wind seem to rise as the racing proceeded with it becoming standard practice to pick up the boats to tack them as they approached the bank. Richard gave up trying to tack and gybed every time!!

During race 6 the wind rose and Chris’s handheld anemometer indicated 50mph (This was confirmed by the attached printout from Bramblemet at 1130hrs). Most of the fleet was flattened but Trevor with his C rig seemed to be able to keep driving through the waves and went onto win.

Chris Powles won the day followed by Richard Calas, Trevor Cartright, Alan Nash and then some distant behind Richard Filer.

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