Day 4 Centenary Vane A National Championship

Report by Nigel Barrow


Thursday after the rest day or Yachting World Cup, was blessed with light wind and sunshine until the last run when the heavens decided that we were all in need of a good wash.

It was a day when Chris Harris took the lead and your author moved off last place winning every upwind leg and the last downwind leg in the pouring rain. In our race against Derek Priestley, we were the lightest Dave Hollom design, against the heaviest longest Dave Hollom design. We won upwind, they won downwind. Derek is fifth overall.

The results are below. Final day tomorrow.

I must say a huge thank you to Gosport model Yacht and Boat Club who organised the event. They had volunteers standing or sitting out in the pouring rain all day for our pleasure. You are all to be thanked for going above and beyond the call of duty. I hear yesterday at the end of proceedings they were soaked through.

Tomorrow is the final day. Will Chris Harris stay ahead. Will the author stay off last place. Whatever happens, this has been an outstanding event and thank you Gosport for your support and organisation.

To illustrate the weather:

1530hrs bright sunshine & ice creams


1630hrs the heavens opened

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