RC Laser for Sale

RC LASER 854 in very good clean condition with minimal marks and no leaks.

  • Complete with Flysky Transmitter/Receiver and several batteries. (Not shown in photos)
  • Four sets of sails with masts and booms, B and D sails new condition. Laser blue Carry Bag and wooden stand!
  • Translucent Laser sail bag.

Replaced or upgraded within the last 12 months:

  • Mast tube insert
  • Radio board/Deck plate
  • Rudder pivots
  • Rudder linkage and servo arm
  • Rudder top arm and bush
  • On/off switch
  • Rudder servo
  • Winch servo
  • Rudder blade

Price  £275

Contact David Perkins


PO16 9DX, Fareham.

RC Laser 854 Sails and Bags
Items included with RC Laser 854
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