DF65’s Back On The Water

Saturday 25 Feb – South Lake Race 3


We had a Northerly breeze of about 5 knots so we set up on the South side of the lake. With a short windward leg, we set three laps of triangle, sausage, triangle. This also helped us to remember what lap were on! There were occasional gusts of about 15 knots which also brought big wind shifts.


Mike Kemp (270) and Simon Fairman (666) performed some great starts today showing the importance of a good start. Mike Kemp was our overall winner with 4 wins and 2 seconds with Simon Fairman second with 3 wins and 2 seconds.


Paul Heaney (422) and Tom Kemp (274) both finished on 18 points with Paul taking third on countback with 3 seconds.


John Smith (277) also won Race 5 leading all the way from the first mark.
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