DF Sailing 28th April

Richard Calas’s Report

What a good day’s racing that was today, apart from the vicious wind shifts and the numerous jelly fish. How can something that small cause a DF95 hurtling down wind to come to a sudden abrupt halt.

Ron Rich, acting as our Race Officer, set a really good long single lap course which kept everybody on their toes and allowed for loads of overtaking opportunities. With 18 competitors on the day we needed to implement the observer system where at least 2 skippers were withdrawn to help him..

He has set a high bar for everyone to follow and received a lot of positive feedback indicating the benefit of having one skipper as RO for the day with the aid of observers. The racing was slick and well timed, the observers did their job and the skippers when called for a collision or being over the line at the start all took their penalties without the need for shouting and argument. All in all It made for a very pleasant morning, so well done all of you, especially Ron.

Charles negotiated the shifts and dodged the jellyfish and sailed consistently to win the day. Well done Charles

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