Close DF 65 Racing

Monday 30 Jan – Monday Series 1 Race 8


Great to see 15 DF65s on the lake today – our largest fleet this year. The weather was a reasonably steady 8 knots from the West with occasional gusts up to 15 knots.


Well done newish member Rob Harvey (71) for competing in all the races today.


Wow – what a close set of results with such a large fleet with on 1.2 points between the top 4 places. Most boats had mixed results today as there were several tangles at the start and at marks with the larger fleet.


I didn’t think I did that well today after being caught up in a few of the tangles, but despite some high place finishes, Paul Heaney (422) was our overall winner with 2 wins and a second. Mike Kemp (270) was second overall with a win and a second and Darin Wigg (04) was third with 2 wins and a second. Unfortunately, Darin had to withdraw from the last 2 races with a rudder problem. Ian Proctor (823) was fourth with a win and a second.


Other race winners today were Martyn Clark (793) and Alan Nash (56).


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